nEw LIFE!!

hUh!, tOo fAst timE iZ pAst., n tOo lOnG i dOnt uPdAtE my bLog!,
uMm~~., tOo mAny thiNgS hApEn iN myLifE., sAd., hApy., n sO oN.,
bUt lifE mUz gO oN ritE.,? coO i hAvE 2 bE stRonG fAce dAt.,
tEngS dAmN mUch 2 my cRaZy fWenz- tRipLe S!!
thEy oLwAz bSdE mE n mAkE mE hEpy., n
aLsO tEngS 2 2 1bOy cOz dAt bOy oLwAz tRy 2 mAkE mE hEpy.,
i hOpE i cAn bE stRong fAce oL thE prObs.,
uMm~~., bUt thE qStiOn iZ-aM i tOo strOng.,?

4 a bOy dAt i leAvEd, cOwy dEaR.,
mAyb wE'rE nOt mEaNt 2gthEr.,
btw tEngS 4 oL thE mEmOrieS n urLovE.,
hOpE u'LL hEpy nOw., ;)

dAtZ oL thE pAst ctOwy.,
nOw wE ctArt a nEw LifE kEyh.,?
tRy 2 bE hEpy n hiDe oUr sAdnEsS., ;)

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