kimia oh kimia

kata-kata di bawah nyh sume ak y reka., lets check it out~

i like to be closer to u same as an electron like to be closer to a nucleus

my parents control me as their daughter just to protect my behaviour same as valence electron control chemical properties of an element

he try his best to make me his and give a happiness life same as an atom gain electron to achieve stable electron arrangement

we have same number of fingers but different behaviour same as isotopes

*ak dpt ilham nyh time ngah study chemistry chapter 2*

p/s:: beware copycat!!

2 lolipop (s):

Lady Fyza ;) said...

aha, nice one! ;)

kreatifnye die, hehe.

bole pinjam ayat ni npknye ;PP

hehe. joke yunk.

..gReEnA.. said...

tengs sis!