people on beside me are the most i love! they are my ears, heard all my problems n help me to solve it., i love them very much! with them i dont have to be pretending who i am., they accept me as i am., no complement at all!, i accept them as they are n they accept me as i am., just they will told me when they felt i have changed., same like me, i will do the same thing towards them to., people said, family n friends are our sunshine., yeah!, i agree with that statement., they will cheer we up in any conditions., so, do appreciate our family and friends., i do! how about u??


i wanna list my beloved words to me., lets start with my family.,

abah-my strength
"dik, blja rjin2., klu gagal, byr blk pew y abah dh bg"
"owh, duit ko nk., blaja malas!"

*thats the words he always said to me when i need something., for u, mayb u will think mydad is fierce right?? for me his not., his words actually make me more strong n exuberant in what ever i do., why?? because his words, will make me always remind that he work day n night just to raise me up n give a comfort life to me., i really appreciate u dad! i love u, abah!

mak-my model
"na, tlg ironkan bju mak., mak penat lawh"
"na, dh mkn n mnom aer blom??"

*thats my mom., always depend on me., mmndangkan ak ni satu2 nyew ank pmpuan at umh, so kne la tlg mak wt kjew umah kan?? im a good daughter! haha., she always remind what should i do n she's my doctor! mmdangkan ak sllu sakit so dia akn engatkan ak tok jgew pmknan ak., she's the one! i love u, mak!

akak-my inspiration
"na, jom shpping ble ak cuty sem t?? ak nk buy somthing la"
"np ko plh dia? pew dia wt at ko? ak dh agk dia bkn boy y baek!"

*mysis~ always begitu., she like to shopping even she dont have any money, haha., bajet dew duit la akk ku tu., ngee~ kantoi lak! hehe., dia lawh, pneman ak at lm bilik., ble dia balik U syez ak sunyi., huhu., ble dia dew at umh, huh umh ak akn jdy huru-hara., she's the only one sis i have! no one can replace her! dia gila2.. syg ko lawh buntut! hee~

adk-my pillow
"kak ngah, bngon arh! dh tghary!"

*haa~ his the only one my lil bro., syg sgt at dia! he like a punctual man., srious im not lie! he just like my clock., hehe., always wake me up early in the morning., fyi, his my pillow!, i LOVE to hug n kish him., hehe., dont be jelous k?,


keyh now, lets check up my friends behaviour., huh! mcm2 kerenah., hehehe.,

ep-tmn gelak ketawa
"na, ko x moo tnjukkn muka kt prents ak aw, ak nk kuo nan syg ak"

*thats ep, my best friends since primary school., shes the pretty one in my gang., always make a trouble n im the one who will safe her., huh! noty ck8 pmpuan nyh., hehe., sometimes she always gave a weird action when i need a help., haha., but sometimes she's opinion quite good., whatever it is, i love u dear!

mun-guru sastera
"na, ko sboo lawh eyh., nyh sume cbrn"

*thats the only words i remember she had said to me when im in upset., fyi, she have a glamour name., it is ROKIAH@ROKY., haha., she's the one y cetuskan nme 2., hehe., why i called her 'guru sastera'? it because, she always gave such a witch words! haha., mun~ syg ko lowh!

ipie-kaky gelak
"na, rindu ko doe! bila nk jmp?? haha"

*that girl also my best friends since primary school., she LOVE to laugh even it not really funny., weird right?? haha., dia selamba jerk! she quite famous., jeng..jeng..jeng., hehe., ipie~love u!


they all my SUNSHINE!! love them very2 much!

p/s:: hope you all will be on beside me ever! ;)

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