need explanation !

look at the picca
yeah! dats what i fell right now
why u come back ??
if u really wanna go, juz go la
it juz only word u said to me
i need explanation la kawan!
every single thing that we do, opkoz it has a reason rite??
dont u think im a child oke
u think with that word can make me feel better??
u're totally wrong babe !
i'll give u a time to think a 'good reason' to give to me
i've a special word to give to u
T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U.V.E.R.Y.M.U.C.H !
for what u've done kawan
i will never forget it
yesh! i really mean it oke
plesh take note bout that !

*currently im not in mood*

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