IMY ??

imissyou !
yes is true.
suddenly you text me after a week.
it is very touching

"are you happy?"
i dunno how to answer your question.
just to make your feel guilty i answered "yes"
yes i'm lying !
deep in my heart i need you, i miss you .
i want us to be like before but i know it will never happen.
now you have a great life right ?

i'm begging you
please don't make a fool with me anymore babe !
seriously i don't believe on you after what you have done.
hey you know what ?
i have to use a lot a plaster to make sure my heart does not hurt
anymore because of you !

please tell me the truth,
what actually you want from me ?
till now i'm keep waiting for you to answer my question !

p/s:: stop hurting me .

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