A night with them :)

For once again, we over night together. Okayy for sure we having a great time ! Talking non-stop, Laughing loudly && bla bla bla. Freaking awesome right ? Hee. Eating Tom Yam's maggi in such a cold night while watcing a drama on TV3. Then karoake early in the morning, layan lagu jiwang ? What the ? HAHAHA. But it doesn't mind what songs we sangs, what most important thing is, we are enjoying our self that night. Going to bed around 3 o'clock. Anak dara apakah tidur lambat ? For sure bangun lambat kan ? Ouhh, you are totally wrong ! HAHAHA. Kami bangun awal tahu. Sebelum matahari terpacak atas kepala. Ehh bolee percaya ka ini ? HAHAHA. Whatever ! Weeerrrkkk :P We are start a day with a called, from Him && Him. Auwwww (: But I got a nightmare, hmm :( Mula laa nak feeling feeling dengan si dia. Okayy surely nightmare tu sgtsgt buaddkan saya && si dia in a bad feeling. You are scared && sad, so am I dear. Can we just let the nightmare go away from our world ? It is so ridiculous !
Okayy forget about the nightmare ! Now, turn back to the early story. Sampai mana ehh saya stopped ? 
Ouhh kami bangun awal. HAHAHA. Then we are starving. We are really need something to eat ! Please cook for us ! hhe. Kami malas mahu masuk ke dapur && masak so we are decided went to the stall at Cuepacs. Are we having a breakfast or a lunch ? Cepadd fikir, saya bagi seposen kalau betul. HAHAHA. 

* 5 minits away *
Haishhhh ! Takde sapa yang nak teka ka ? HAHAHA. Okayy let me give the correct answer. Actually we are having a lunch, we all skipped our breakfast. Why ? Hayaa, lagi mahu tanya ka ? For sure you guys know the answer right so no need for me to tell it honestly. hehe. Lepas dah kenyang, kami ( mun && saya ) hantar laa kawan kami yang sorang tu kat bus stand. Yeahh, only her yang masih bekerja. She is so dedicated ! Auwww, HAHAHA :D So lepas dia dah pergi kerja, saya && Mun pun balik laa ke rumah masing masing. Buadd rutin yang sama. Siang jadi malam && malam jadi siang.
I hope one day we can have this moment again. Seriously I am so happy having a night with them. I do love them ! Now, I am counting a second to meet them again on 16 March 2011 (:

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teddyuna said...

waaaaaa.. ice cream sponge bob x smapai hati nk makan.. btw i dtg n follow u

nanapuzi said...

Hehehe. Thanks dear (:

dayanadarmawi said...

uh jeless nye - -
bile la boleh buat cm gini , hha *dlm mmpi je hha :)

nanapuzi said...

Hee. Awak bolee buadd juga laa. Syiookkk ouhh (: