hEhE., i'M nEw iN thiS bLogGer., i dO knOw hOw tO usE diZ syStEm., haha., bUt i'LL tRy yEaH., hUh!, diZ dAy iZ my LaSt tEst., tHaNk God.,! nOw i'M jUz gEt rEaDy tO gEt thE rEsuLt., i tHiNk i dO weLL bUt i aLsO tHiNk i cAn't gEt thE goOd rEsULt., hEy!, wHy i sAid sUch hOrRibLe wOrDs.,? uWm!, aFtEr tEst wAS oVer, i wEnt hANg oUt witH my BFF., wE'rE jUz wAnnA reLeAsE oUr tEnsiOn., u knOw whAt.,? i aLwAyZ stUdy iN LaZ miNutE., i aLsO doNt knOw wHy., hAhA., tErRibLe yEaH.,? nOw!! i'm dEcidE nOt tO dO dAt wAy agAin n aGaiN., bUt.. cAn i aChiEvE whAt my aiM iF i stiLL kEeP gOing diZ wAy.,? trUthLy nOt riGht.,? i'LL nOt gEt wHat i wAnNa bE iN fUturE iF i stiLL likE diZ., sOo i wiLL cHanGe my wAy., yEah sOmeonE hAD teLLinG mE thAt i'vE cHaNgeD a lot., uWm! SORRY dEaR.,! i pRomisE tO yOu n tO mySeLf, i'LL cHaNge my bEhAviOur n mywAy., kEyh.,?

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