< BFF fOrEvEr >


oWh my BFF!,
yOu arE sOo cOoL tO mE.,
aLwAyZ at bEsidE mE.,
iN aLL cOnditiOn.,
yOu aRe my eArs.,
hEaR aLL my pRobLemS.,
n heLp mE tO soLvE it.,
i dOnt knOw hOw myLifE
iF i LOST yOu aRe.,
wE aRe LikE a sibLingS.,
laUgh n cRy tOgetHer.,
dEaR BFF!,
i hOpE oUr fRieNdshiP nEvEr eNd.,
tiLL wE diE.,
tHanKs fOr eVerytHinG.,

i knOw duLLneSs aLonG mywAy.,
iF yOu'rE nOt at bEsidE mE.,

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