sweet february ^^

1st February 2011


hang out with them, last minute planning

It seems like I'm dreaming when finally we reached there ! HAHA. But some one missing ? Huh, sorry dear, it is out of our control. ily :(

Look ! We are freezing. It such a wonderful day. Thank God is not raining.

With him a day ! His the master plan for all this, last minute ! He wanted to go even though he getting a fever, so pity on you babe. He called us around 3 am, early in the morning. So a bit rushing to plan all this but we make it ! yeayyy , thanks for everything :)
three special words for you dear "_ ____ __"

Ouhh you ! loveyou syg. Supposely there will be some one on my other side, but ? For once again I'm so sorry syg. I hope we can go here or other places together yeahh. Please forgive me :(


After that, we went to Mid Valley Megamall for our lunch. Ouhh honestly we are starving ! hahaha. But Haikal planned to play bowling, we wanted to win but it seems like Redzuan && Ep are totally great in playing this game. See a board down here.

Haikal is so frustated, he is going to beat Redzuan for other day :)

a word for today


2 lolipop (s):

dayanadarmawi said...

waah , saya sedang cemburukan anda nie hha :)

nanapuzi said...

hahaha. jgn laa begitu cik dayana. nanti awak pergi ehh, then upload photo saya komen :)