Perlu ka nak think badly about me ? 
Perlu ka nak think negatively tentang benda yang belum berlaku ? 
Perlu ka nak take seriously tentang benda yang belum berlaku sampai menjejaskan hubungan ? 
Hmm tolong laa stop it !
Try to protect this relation as hard as we can.
Could you ?
Please stop think badly about me

But if you give up && scared what happened between you && your ex will happened in our relation, just take an action now ! Just let me know. Don't do this to me. I can't stand it by myself. Tolonga jangan menunding jari kat saya seorang. I am not strong enough like you. Please. I am begging you.

If you want, just take a second to remind back about our dreams . All our dreams in future. Happiness that we want in our life. Just a word, " Please " . 



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